Samurai System

Our Users

We are working under the slogan of "changing the way people work" by sharing information location-free and in real time using cloud computers.

Our Services

Installation Support

We handle everything from implementation to customization, integration with core systems, and post-implementation operational support.

Technical Assistance

We provide technical support for Salesforce, as well as editorial services.


We provide IT consulting services utilizing Salesforce and mashups.

What is Customer Compass?

customer compass
Customer Compass is also a training tool for developing independent sales people. It is not enough to say, "I can list the list on a map. We want to narrow down the list and see only this item on the map. I want to narrow down the view I need now, or the report I want to extract now. Each person at work can easily operate the system the way he or she wants to see it. Customer Compass makes this possible.

Easily Integrate with Google Maps Customer Compass uses the views and reports you have already created in three steps to easily display Salesforce data on Google Maps.


The procedure to purchase is as follows:

  1. Samurai System: We will send you a quote and order form by e-mail
  2. Customer: Please sign the order form and return it to us in PDF format
  3. Customer: Please install Customer Compass in your environment.
  4. Samurai System: License will be added into the customer’s environment
  5. Samurai System: Send contract (Payment will start at the end of the month following the month in which billing begins)

Yes, we have the volume discount.

Geocoding is the assignment of coordinates to locations indicated by addresses, place names, targets, zip codes, etc.

Latitude and longitude information can be obtained based on the address information of business partners registered in Salesforce, and can be checked on a Google map.

“Google Maps Platform” license fee is already included in our price.
*There is a limit to the amount of usage, so please contact us for more details.

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