Visualization of customer information and business meeting information on a map

Strengthen customer relationships by having salespeople think and move independently and make individual visits

Maps of addresses extracted from views and reports!

It is not enough to say, “You can see the listings on a map. I want to narrow down this list to this item only and see it on the map. I want to narrow down the view I need now, or the report I want to extract now. Each person at work can easily operate the system as he or she wants to. Customer Compass makes this possible.

Multidevice support

Map data can be viewed on the move or on the go using a smartphone or tablet, so it can be used effectively for sudden schedule changes or in a spare time.

Why Customer Compass for Salesforce?

The base map (tile) can be changed

Icon colors and tooltip curfews can also be changed immediately.

Easy integration with Salesforce “Actions” and “ToDo

Pin positions can be changed and fine-tuned.

Object display without address is also available

Multilingual European and U.S. address notation support.

Flow of Introduction

Step 1

Install from the Appexchange site

Step 2

Select the object you want to see on the map and start geocoding


Type (map) at the end of the name of the listing you want to see


Initial Installation Fee $1,000

$15/Month (1 User)
  • 30 Days Free Trial
  • No Google Map License Fee
  • Discount for NPO
  • Volume Discount
  • Free Geocoding for the first 50,000
  • *Following the free geocoding, up to 1,000 usage per day are free of charge; for usages exceeding 1,000 cases, the fee is $0.01 each.

Free Trial​

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