Customer compass

Training tool to train independent salespeople


A salesperson is thinking on its own initiative and strengthens customer relationship by individual visits

Features & Functions


Confirm the address extracted by view and report on the map.
You can narrow down.

"Lists can be listed on a map" That alone has no meaning in fact.
I want to narrow down this item on this list and watch it on the map.
Now, I want to refine the necessary view, now from the report I extracted.
Everyone at the work site can easily operate as wanting to see themselves.
It is the customer compass to make it.

Setup is 3 steps

1. Install from the Apexchange site.
2. Select the object you want to see on the map ... Start geocoding!
3. Enter (map) at the end of the name of the list you want to see.

img 3

Other features

■ Icon color and Tooltip language can be changed immediately
■ Base map (tile) can be changed
■ Easily cooperate with Salesforce's "action" and "ToDo"
■ Pin position can be changed and fine tuned
■ Menu icon function expansion is possible
■ Object display with no address is also possible
■ Multilingual Western address notation correspondence

Multi-device compatible

Map data can be checked on the move or on the go with a smartphone or tablet,
You can also make effective use of sudden schedule change and skimmer time.



1 user: ¥ 1,500 / month

A 30-day free trial is possible.
A separate support service is also available.
The usage fee includes the license fee for Google Maps.
If you already have a Google Maps license, you will get a discount.
There are discounts for non-profit organizations.
There is a volume discount.
Geocoding is free up to 20,000 for the first time.
After that, up to 1,000 items per day are free.
If the number exceeds 1,000, 1 yen per case. * Provided by ticket
Please contact us for more information

Edition Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, Performance
English, Japanese

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Case study

From introduction to concourge

With proposals snuggled by customers
Differentiation from major capital

Make the invisible service visible after construction to the customer, to the good adviser

I would like customers to appreciate the clarity of the construction price and the degree of after-sales service.

Increase productivity through division of labor and collaboration

I would like to separate the sales from inside sales (tele apo) and rationalize the visit ratio upwards and main plan plan